Darren Spargo, The Computer Specialist

Regarding response to COVID-19

Where possible, this business will provide remote assistance as a priority over onsite servicing. In circumstances where remote assistance is deemed unsuitable, careful consideration will be given to onsite servicing. If onsite servicing is carried out then health precautions will be followed. more info

Onsite Repairs

Specialising in repairing computer problems at your place to give you immediate access to your computer after repairs.

In the event the diagnosis shows repairs cannot be made onsite, they will be carried out as promptly as possible from this business location.

Operating Systems

Helping with problems that are Windows® based only, however limited MacOS® support is available (which includes networking, printer install and email configuration).

Windows® 8.1 is still being supported by this business.

Servicing Offers

The first hour of servicing is charged at $25 per quarter hour. After the first hour a standard fee of $50 per half hour applies.

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